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Official Railway Equipment Registers

Last Updated
January 11, 2011

The Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER) has been an invaluable reference to shippers for 120 years. Started as a monthly publication in 1885, the ORER contains vital information regarding the size and capacity of the nations freight car fleet. The ORER lists all of the revenue generating cars for every railroad. It is organized by car classification, with a brief description of each classification's construction along with it's reporting marks, number series, interior and exterior dimensions, capacity and the number of cars in service. It also provides any special equipment of the classification, along with the various subclasses and their distinquishing features. Beginning in 1937, the ORER changed from a monthly to a quarterly publication.

ORER Online
We currently have these ORER's available:

October, 1956 January, 1959 January, 1961 July, 1965 July, 1967
January, 1968 October, 1969 February, 1971 January, 1976 January, 1977
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