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One Color Signal Aspects

The information on this page was compiled from
the instruction manual printed by the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad,
dated July 1, 1979.


The name of the signal displaying a RED light is STOP SIGNAL.


The addition of a number plate displayed with a STOP SIGNAL indication changes the name to STOP AND PROCEED. The train must STOP AND then may PROCEED at Restricted Speed.

Restricted Speed definition - Proceed prepared to stop short of train, obstruction or switch not properly lined; looking out for broken rail and not exceeding 15 miles per hour.

Signals with NUMBER PLATES are not controlled by the Train Dispatcher of Operator. They automatically respond to track occupancy. Signals without NUMBER PLATES are called HOME SIGNALS and, but for a few exceptions, are all controlled by the Train Dispatcher or Operator. The few exceptions are covered in Timetable Special Instructions. A controlled HOME SIGNAL will normally display STOP except when lined for an immediate movement.


The name of the signal with a Green light is CLEAR. This means the train may proceed at Normal Speed which is the maximum authorized speed.


The name of the signal with a Yellow light is APPROACH. APPROACH means to approach the next signal prepared to stop and a train exceeding Medium Speed must at once reduce to that speed.