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A view of P&LE GP-7 #5677 taken in August, 1963 in a paint scheme that it wore most of its service life on the railroad prior to its sale to the Illinois Central Gulf as their #7746 in February, 1977.P&LE's Gateway Yard main office and site of retarder hump seen while classifying hopper cars.Ye Olde Huff & Puff, P&LE's steam wrecking crane based at Mckees Rocks, PA in storage at the classification yards shortly before being scrapped at this location.Eastbound U-28-B #2815 heads a train exiting the P&LE's Ohio River Bridge at Monaca, PA enroute to Aliquippa Yard where it will drop off the cars hauling lead ore immediately behind the locomotives.Next stop, Neville Island. A View from the cab of a PC&Y train approaching the P&LE's bridge accessing the island for both railroads.
View looking eastward on the P&LE's main line at the entrance to the railroad's Pittsburgh Terminal, the locally infamous Fulton bridge piers are seen in the left side of the photo.Photograph taken September 6, 1982 shows recently received former Rock Island GP-28-2, now P&LE #2057 still in its original livery parked at the fuel island tracks located next to the Diesel Shop at McKees Rocks.P&LE's last air brake training car parked on a siding at McKees Rocks, PAin August, 1988, prior to its sale to the Ohio Central Railroad.The former P&LE 1501, seen here as Youngstown & Austintown 1501 is at Coshocton, Oh on the Ohio Central in May of 1997.Beginning to show the effects of decades of hard work, #80 is posed in front of the Diesel Shop doors at Montour Junction, PA awating routine inspection.
MGA 2304 North, a loaded coal drag, with The southbound empty coal train, actually a layer-loader since one of the cabooses are present, pops out of Wayne Tunnel, locaed about 4 miles East (railroad North) of Waynesburg, Pa powered by a MGA B23-7R and two In the April of 1988, 3 Monongahela GP38s are seen running around their empty southbound train at the now little used Loveridge Mine on the end on the RC&P Branch.  The photographer and his friend were barely granted permission into the complex, and were ordered to remain in their car, since they had no safety gear.Three more MGA GP38s, led by the 2002, which had been their Bicentennial locomotive, await a northbound loaded train at BLS 'GATE'.  All five (2000-2004) of the GP38s were sold off to the Chicago Central.  They went into storage and/or limited operation once the Illinois Central took the CC over, and some have been resold to RMGX, where they retain their MGA numbers.The same train as the last photo, is seen near Waynesburg, Pa at the break of dawn.  Clearly it has been a chilly night, judging by the frost on the rails.  The Monongahela's GP38s were the heaviest built by EMD, due to the extra ballasting added to start those heavy coal trains up on days such as this.
A loaded coal train, powered by a trio of GE-rebuilt WB U23B's 'Super 7s' blast out of White Cottage Tunnel on the Waynesburg Southern Railway, which, after it's completion by Penn Cnetral, was leased to the MGA.  The phrase 'Super 7' has been accredited to the Monongahela Railway when the GE Demonstrators made thier tour in 1989.Two Monongahela B23-7Rs shove hard on the rear of a northbound coal drag on the Manor Branch in October of 1992.Two Monongahela 'Super 7' helpers are on the south end of a northbound layer-loaded coal train on the Manor Branch in Octboer of 1992.  Common practice for helpers on the Manor Branch was for them to tie onto the head-end of a southbound empty train to Bailey Mine, and once loading was complete, to get on the rear and shove the train over the summit near Time, Pa.Seen at the Shannopin Mine loadout near Poland, Pa is 'MARTA TRACK' T6 1016.  In the late 80's the Shannopin Mine purchased the 1016 and 1017, which were built for the Newburg & South Shore Railroad.  The 1017 has the distinction of being the last locomotive built at ALCO's Schenectady, NY plant.  The 1016, seen here in Monongahela Connecting paint, is now employed by the Middletown & Hummelstown east of Harrisburg, Pa.  The 1017, which was in its N&SS Green & Yellow paint scheme at the time this photo was taken, now works for Cargill at various grain elevators.  The Shannopin Mine went bankrupt not long after purchasing these two locomotives.Passing under the PC&Y bridge over the P&LE yard and main at McKees Rocks, U-28-B #2815 leads a trio of locomotives picking there way through the deteriorating track-work coming off the fuel island going to the main line in April, 1984.
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