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January 11, 2011

This photograph taken in December of 1984 where Interstate 70 passes over the Yough Branch shows a trio of P&LE power headed by MP-15 #1580 enroute to Connellsville to pick up one of the last trainloads of coal to be pulled from the once prosperous Youghiogheny River Valley.  The tracks had deteriorated at this location to the point located in the lower right in the photo that these units had to pass over a 90 degree kink in the rails on the engineers side of the locomotive.The last runs of the Montour Railroad took place in March, 1984 and were made to recover box and hoppers cars that the P&LE had stored along its subsidiary's main lines and sidings.  The cars were brought to Montour Junction and recovered by the P&LE who forwarded them to the Rox and Davis Island for scrapping.  SW-1500 #1568 is seen here pulling approaching the Coraopolis-Neville Island Bridge with a batch of box cars from the Montour tracks to those of the P&LE.In laters years of operation the P&LE changed crews on every train passing through McKees Rocks, PA.  Here a four unit power lash-up headed by U-28-B #2815 is seen waiting for its new crew on the Eastbound Main in the snows of January, 1985.Heading westbound a trio of  P&LE U-Boats starting a coal train out of McKees Rocks approaches the Interstate 79 bridge over the main line at Groveton, PA .  The box cars on the right of this mid 1980's photo were in storage in what in bygone days had the interchange yard for the Moon Run and later the Montour Railroad.1564 - December 1988
The former McKees Rocks switch tower building is used by the P&LE></a></td><td width='106' height='106' valign='middle' align='center'><a href='/common/indviewer.php?pic=2067'><img src=/images/thumbs/ple_gateway_jp_T.jpg alt=A2a class Berkshire locomotive #9404 awaits being moved to ready tracks after receiving fuel and water at McKees Rocks, Pa.Caboose 502 - March 1992Eastbound facing U28B #2808 is parked on the mainline during a crew change at McKees Rocks in April, 1984
Caboose 506 - April 2002Transfer Caboose 566 - April 2002Transfer Caboose 566 - April 2002Caboose 506 - April 2002Transfer Caboose 553 at Liberty Boro, PA, December 1987
1589 - June 1992Caboose 501 - June 1992McKees Rocks, PA  1991McKees Rocks, PA  1991McKees Rocks, PA  1991
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